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Central Nervous System (CNS) Products | Oral Wound Care Solutions: Fast Relief for Ulcers and Mouth Wounds


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Central Nervous System (CNS) Products | Rapid Relief Oral Wound Care: Healing Ulcers & Mouth Wounds | Hannox

Located in Taiwan since 2003, Hannox International Corp. has been exporting a diverse range of medical devices, health care products, and pharmaceuticals since 2003. Their product range includes Central Nervous System (CNS) Products, high-accuracy blood glucose monitoring systems, wound management products for oral ulcers, nasal wounds, mucous, and skin, as well as mosquito repellent products.

Discover Hannox International Corporation's extensive range of medical and health care products. Specializing in high-accuracy blood glucose meters, innovative wound care solutions for oral, nasal, and skin applications, and effective mosquito repellent products, Hannox is your go-to source for quality medical supplies. With a commitment to excellence since 2003, our Taiwan-based company offers OEM/ODM services, ensuring tailored solutions for your medical equipment needs. Trust Hannox for reliable pharmaceutical research, development, and distribution. Choose Hannox for cutting-edge health care products that prioritize your well-being.

Hannox has been offering customers high-quality medical products, both with advanced technology and 21 years of experience, Hannox ensures each customer's demands are met.

Central Nervous System (CNS) Products




Active IngredientStrengthDosage FormIndication
Bupropion HCl150mgSR TabletDepression
Milnacipran HCl20, 50mgCapsuleDepression
Flupentixol/ Melitracen0.5/10mgSC TabletDepression


Active IngredientStrengthDosage FormIndication
Amisulpride200, 400mgFC TabletSchizophrenia
Aripiprazole10, 15, 20mgTabletSchizophrenia etc.
Flupentixol3mgSC TabletSchizophrenia
Olanzapine5, 10mgFC TabletSchizophrenia etc.
Paliperidone3, 6, 9mgER TabletSchizophrenia etc.
Quetiapine Fumarate25mgFC TabletSchizophrenia etc.
Zotepine25, 50mgSC TabletSchizophrenia


Active IngredientStrengthDosage FormIndication
Gabapentin600, 800mgFC TabletPostherpetic neuralgia etc.
Levetiracetam500mgFC TabletEpilepsy etc.
Levetiracetam100mg/mLOral SolutionEpilepsy etc.
Pregabalin75mgCapsuleNeuropathic pain etc.
Sodium Valproate/Valproic Acid333/145mgSR FC TabletEpilepsy etc.
Sodium Valproate200mg/mLOral SolutionEpilepsy etc.


Active IngredientStrengthDosage FormIndication
Diphenhydramine HCl50mgCapsuleSleeping disorder
Eszopiclone1, 2, 3mgFC TabletInsomnia
Zaleplon5, 10mgCapsuleInsomnia

Dementia & Parkinsonism

Active IngredientStrengthDosage FormIndication
Dihydroergotoxine2mgTabletChronic pathological cognitive etc.
Donepezil HCl5, 10mgFC TabletDementia of the Alzheimer’s type
Entacapone200mgFC TabletParkinson disease
Rivastigmine Tartrate2mg/mLOral SolutionDementia of the Alzheimer’s type
Carbidopa/ Levodopa10/100, 25/100mgTabletParkinson disease

Other CNS Drugs

Active IngredientStrengthDosage FormIndication
Atomoxetine HCl10, 18, 25, 40mgCapsuleAttention defict hyperactivity disorder
Betahistine Dihydrochloride16, 24mgTabletMénière's syndrome
Piracetam1200mgFC TabletMyoclonus of cortical origin etc.
Piracetam1200, 2400mgGranules for oral solutionMyoclonus of cortical origin etc.
Piracetam200mg/mLIVF SolutionMyoclonus of cortical origin etc.
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