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Hannox is a professional medical products supplier based in Taiwan, export a wide range of medical devices, health care products and pharmaceuticals since 2003. At Hannox we take pride in offering you a wide range of medical devices and dental products for your needs. OEM/ODM service are available.


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08Aug 2018
MEDICAL FAIR, GERMANY. 12 - 15 November 2018

Let's meet in MEDICA FAIR, Germany 2018. MEDICA, the leading international trade fair for the medical sector, invites you to Düsseldorf / Germany from 12 - 15 November 2018.

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08Jun 2018
28May 2018
25Apr 2018
25Mar 2018
25Feb 2018
30Jan 2018
06Nov 2017
1/29 - 2/1 2018 The ARAB HEALTH Exhibition, Dubai

Let's meet in ARAB HEALTH, ADNEC,ABU Dubai, UAE 2018. Arab Health is the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the MENA region.

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26Dec 2017
New Products Announcement in Dec.

New Products Announcement

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19Sep 2017
How to use D&W Blood Glucose Monitoring System

D&W Glucose Monitoring System is very user-friendly product to check your blood glucose which has features: 0.5 µl Blood Sample 5 sec. Quick Reaction 450 Memories Auto Coding mg/dl or mmol/L Ketone Warning 7/14/21/28 Days Average Strip Release Button Before and After-meal Marking

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18Sep 2017
How to use DS-Palmlab Blood Glucose Meter

DS-Palmlab Glucose Monitoring System is easy, comfortable, and convenient to operate, which helps you monitor your blood glucose levels on a regular basis. • Coding free, allowing you to save time and avoid forgetting insert code card. • Allows you to perform Alternative Site Testing (AST).

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31Aug 2017
MoskitoAway 12Hrs Mosquito Repellent Patch

MoskitoAway 12Hrs Mosquito Repellent Patch Simple, Natural, Easy-to-Use -Keep Away ZIKA & Dengue -Repel Aedes Aegypti & Aedes Albopictus -Natural Essential Oils -Diameter 3 Meters Efficient Coverage

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30Aug 2017
10Aug 2017
How to Use The Infrared Thermometer

4 in 1 Digital Infrared Thermometer (Ear, Forehead, Room Temperature,Liquid & Milk) .Temperature Range: 0°C ~50°C (32°F ~122°F ) .1 second, Fast and accurate measurement .Suitable for both infants and adults

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26May 2017
Unlimited Enjoy the Fresh and Pure Air

Hannox Air Purifier is designed with electric energy patented tech, which makes its sterilization can achieve 99.99% in 3 hours. No filter supplies needed, low-voltage operation, and it can even work under low-temperature, customer has no need to worry about supplies and electricity.

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20Jan 2017
How to use Mini TENS Infrared Thermal Knee Brace

Hannox Mini TENS Infrared Thermal Knee Brace (HX-100B) can cast the same biological current with human body to stimulate nerves and to promote blood circulation in order to eliminate pain. Ease peripheral nerve palsy, pain, fatigue and other symptoms. * Infrared Thermal Therapy for Healing Improvemen. * Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Completely Drug Free Pain Control. * Claw-shaped PU Foam Knee Brace for Enhance Stability of Patella.

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20Jan 2017
How to use AK-350-IF (Interferential Frequency Current Stimulator)

AK-350-IF is a must have personal physiotherapy device for relief any pain suffered. The electrical stimulation of Interferential Frequency (IF) penetrates into the deeper tissues, and provides more analgesic, or nerve blocking effect and presents more comfortable feeling.

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14Oct 2016
How to use Q-PLUS Blood Glucose Meter

Automatic coding, backlight design, high accuracy and precision, large display, easy to operate, 6 seconds quick reaction, 0.7μl small amount blood sample, with 300 sets memories and 7/ 14/ 21/ 28 days' average.

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25Aug 2016
Hannox Advanced Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Hannox Advanced Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is an expert design of blood pressure measuring device. It supports auto measurement and stethoscope sounding measurement, up to 6 multi-user with individual 90 sets of memories, and IHB detection.

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15Aug 2016
Thank you for visiting us in FIME 2016

Thank you for visiting us in FIME. Hope you got all the info you needed, for further details please feel free to contact us. Let's meet again in FIME 2017.

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01Aug 2016
31Jul 2016
2-4 AUG. 2016 Florida International Medical Expo

Let's meet in FIME MIAMI, FLORIDA 2016. The 26th FIME medical trade exhibition is focus on technology, products and supplies, services and equipment. Welcome to our booth No.D.C16, you will find a professional consulting and medical products from Hannox. Let us talk more details about new medical products and meet your needs. Florida International Medical Expo Duration: 2 - 4 August 2016 Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm Hall: D Booth NO.: D.C16 Venue: MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 1901 Convention Center Drive Miami Beach, FL 33139 http://www.fimeshow.com/home/

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12Jul 2016
New Products Announcement in July

New Products Announcement

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13Jun 2016
Hannox Portable Pain Treatment Stimulator & Beauty Lifter

Hannox Beauty Combo Set includes an EMS device and extensional beauty lifter. It's a ideal product for any individual who pursue beauty and vitality.

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