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Hannox is a professional medical products supplier based in Taiwan, export a wide range of medical devices, health care products and pharmaceuticals since 2003.


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Located in Taiwan since 2003, Hannox International Corp. has been a global medical product manufacturer. Their main medical products include, Liquid Bandage, blood glucose monitoring, nasal reliever products, bicera bone graft substitutes, facial care solutions, foot care products, pulse oximeters, ear thermometers and baby care products with premium healthcare solutions.

Hannox is a Taiwan-based leader in the medical and health care industry, specializing in the export of a diverse range of products since 2003. With a focus on quality and technological innovation, Hannox offers an extensive portfolio that includes medical devices like pulse oximeters and thermometers, baby care essentials, diabetes management tools, and pharmaceuticals. Boasting 20 years of industry experience, the company is committed to delivering high-quality, reliable solutions for various health needs. Whether you're a medical professional or an individual consumer, Hannox provides comprehensive, specialized, and affordable health care options.

Hannox has been offering customers high-quality medical, dental, and healthcare products, both with advanced technology and 21 years of experience, Hannox ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • HI-MUPRO Nasal Spray
    HI-MUPRO Nasal Spray

    Provide moisture and clean the nasal cavity. It helps to relieve the pain of nasal mucosa wounds caused by head and neck radiotherapy. The symptoms of atrophic rhinitis (Ozena), chronic sinusitis, nasal dryness and viscous nasal mucus can also be relieved.

  • HI-MUPRO Mucosa Care Spray
    HI-MUPRO Mucosa Care Spray

    Spray for mucosal ulcers. Suitable for external mucosa use ( anal mucosa or perineum mucosa)

  • Mucosa Gel (For Perineal/ Anus mucosa care)
    Mucosa Gel (For Perineal/ Anus mucosa care)

    A hydrophilic protective film is formed on the perineal and anal mucosa ulcer wounds to isolate external stimuli and quickly relieve mucosa pain and itching. It is a Class I low-risk medical device that does not contain alcohol, antibiotics, steroids and anesthetics, and has no addictive.

  • Sting Free Liquid Bandage (Non-sterile)
    Sting Free Liquid Bandage (Non-sterile)

    Invisible, flexible & painless, the alcohol-free bandage is designed for small cuts and wounds in the place where the ordinary bandage not easy stick to.

  • Sting Free Barrier Film (MARSI )
    Sting Free Barrier Film (MARSI )

    The barrier film is breathable and waterproof, intends to protect wounds and reduce irritation caused by external environment, particularly good for ostomy care.

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