Blood Glucose Monitoring System (Q-PLUS)


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Blood Glucose Monitoring System (Q-PLUS)


The Q-PLUS Glucose Monitoring System is easy, comfortable, and convenient to operate, which helps you monitor your blood glucose levels on a regular basis.
* Texas Instruments Chip Inside
* Coding Free
* Anti-Bacteria Surface

Glucose Meter, Glucometer


Quick reaction & High accuracy

Coding-free, backlight design, high accuracy and precision, large display, easy to operate, 6 seconds quick reaction, 0.7μl small amount blood sample, with 300 sets memories and 7/ 14/ 30 days' average.

Blood glucose meters are reviewed as part of a system that include the meter, test strips, lancing devices, and control solutions. The main purpose of this device is to measure the blood glucose.

Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Blood Glucose Monitoring System



  • Minimum Blood Sample 0.7 µL
  • Fast Reaction 6 seconds
  • 300 Memories
  • Ketone Warning
  • 7/14/30-Day Averages
  • Made in Taiwan


Assay Range20 to 600 mg / dl (11.1 to 33.3 mmol/L)
Accuracy90% in Zone A of EGA
Sample Volume0.7μl
Reaction Time6 seconds
Operational Temperature14 to 40°C ( 57 to 104°F)
Relative Humidity< 95%
Hematocrit20 to 60%
Battery TypeCR2032 3V Lithium Coin Battery
Dimension84x55x13 mm
Weight42.8g without battery
CertificateFDA, GMP, CE0123
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