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Hannox Home Care and Medical Care Products Service

Hannox is a professional medical & health care product company that provide a wide range of medical devices, health care products and pharmaceuticals for export since 2003. At Hannox we take pride in offering you a wide range of medical devices and dental care products and in helping you select the best product for your needs.

Home Care

Home care devices

Home Care - Home care devices
Home care devices

Find quality home care products, medical supply, and assistive devices for your home, including blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen & heart monitor, sleeping aids, wound aids.

  • Blood Oxygen & Heart Monitor - blood oxygen and heart rate monitor
    Blood Oxygen & Heart Monitor
    Oximeter & heart monitor

    Measure your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation level with Hannox oximeter and heart rate rings. Make an inquiry now.

  • Blood Pressure Monitor - Hannox blood pressure monitor
    Blood Pressure Monitor
    Sphygmomanometer / blood pressure monitor

    High accuracy blood pressure monitor arm type and wrist type. Arm type model come with medical grade TPU cuff, Japanese microchip installed. OEM service available.

  • Disinfection Products - Disinfection product
    Disinfection Products
    Electric energy patented tech air purifier / Portable sterilizer

    24hrs Air Purifier, especially designed for infants and personal space. Sterilization effect is 99.99% tested by SGS.

  • Disposable Heat Pad - Disposable heat pad OEM
    Disposable Heat Pad
    Disposable heat pad

    Up to 12 hours disposable heat pad made in Taiwan for wholesale. OEM service available.

  • Sleeping Aid - Sleep good with Hannox sleeping aids
    Sleeping Aid
    Sleeping aids

    Sleeping aids, snore stopper, anti-snoring mouth guard, motion sickness relief, these are non-drug treatment to help you to sleep good every night.

  • Thermometer - Infrared thermometer
    Infrared thermometer, battery free thermometer

    Digital basal thermometer for natural family planning, infrared thermometer allows you to take accurate temperature readings instantly, animal shaped digital thermometer is cute and battery-free.

  • Wound Aid - Wound aids
    Wound Aid
    Liquid bandage and oral wound rinse

    Find wound aid products for preventing wound infection / skin friction popi. Hannox Oral Wound Rinse is effective pain-free oral wound aid, it especially suit for oral ulcer caused by chemoradiotherapy.