Baby Care

Baby care products / Hannox is a professional medical products supplier based in Taiwan, export a wide range of medical devices, health care products and pharmaceuticals since 2003.


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Baby Care product supplier - Hannox

Hannox International Corp., since 2003, is a prime product supplier of Baby Care based in Taiwan.

Custom design, high-quality products for health care, baby care, dental care and medical accessory industries, including pulse oximeters, blood glucose test strips, ear thermometers and more.

Hannox has been offering customers high-quality medical accessories, baby care and health care products, both with advanced technology and 19 years of experience, Hannox ensures each customer's demands are met.

Baby Care

Baby care products

Baby Care - Hannox baby care series
Hannox baby care series

Baby care series offering a range of baby home care products and accessories, including infrared thermometer, digital thermometer, nasal aspirator, nebulizer and pulse oximeter.

  • Nasal Relief - Nasal relief for baby
    Nasal Relief
    Nasal reliever

    Products for relief the nasal symptoms like runny nose, nasal inflammation.

  • Oral Care - Dental disclosing
    Oral Care
    Take care of children's oral health

    Simple and effective prevention of dental caries and protect oral wound in children.

  • Pulse Oximeter - Pulse oximeter for baby
    Pulse Oximeter
    Pulse oximeter for children

    Oximeter can helps manage supplemental oxygen use, manage asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), and monitor the heart rate and oxygen saturation.

  • Thermometer - Infrared thermometer for baby
    Infrared thermometer, battery free thermometer

    Choose a thermometer for babies, here we have infrared thermometer allows you to take accurate temperature readings instantly, if you wish for a simplest way to measure, then try our animal-shaped digital thermometer, it's battery-free!